CAPMATT Course – Clinical Auditory Processing Management: Assessment, Treatment & Training

The CAPMATT Course, led by Heidi Allan, an experienced Audiologist with an M.A. in Audiology, is a comprehensive program designed to provide participants with a thorough understanding of Clinical Auditory Processing Management. This course encompasses six phases, each addressing specific aspects of assessment, treatment, and training in auditory processing.

CAPMATT – Phase 3

CAPMATT – Phase 3

Welcome to CAPMATT - Phase 3 Phase 3: Assessment of Auditory Processing Abilities Purpose: To obtain the most accurate...

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Course Structure


Course Structure

Phase 1: In-Person Interview

The course begins with an in-person interview to assess participants’ existing knowledge, experience, and goals in the field of auditory processing management.

Phase 2: Introduction and Models

Phase 2 introduces participants to the fundamental concepts and models associated with clinical auditory processing management.

Phase 3: Assessment

Phase 3 focuses on the assessment process for auditory processing disorders. Participants will learn about various evaluation techniques, tools, and procedures.

Phase 4: Interpretation, Feedback, Report Writing, and Billing

This phase covers the interpretation of assessment results, providing feedback to patients, and the essential skills required for report writing and billing in auditory processing management.

Phase 5: Therapy and Management

Phase 5 delves into therapeutic approaches and management strategies for individuals with auditory processing disorders. Participants will gain insights into effective interventions and treatment plans.

Phase 6: In-Person Interview

The course concludes with another in-person interview, allowing participants to discuss their progress, address any queries, and receive personalized feedback from Heidi Allan herself.

Course Materials

Course materials for Phases 2 to 5 are available on the respective courses, enabling participants to study at their own pace and convenience.

Flexible Schedule: Participants have the freedom to complete the CAPMATT Course in their own time, as there are no strict deadlines for course completion. This flexibility allows learners to accommodate their personal and professional commitments while progressing through the course.

Investment: The comprehensive CAPMATT Course, including all phases and access to the corresponding course materials, is priced at R5 000.00. This fee covers the entire program, offering participants a valuable opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field of clinical auditory processing management under the guidance of an experienced audiologist.